Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: GBAK on FB 1.5.. How to interpret this error message?
Author Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
vladman992000 escreveu:
> So the problem was due to Linux to Windows file translations that were
> not being correctly implemented with FTP from Linux to Windows, but
> were correctly handled when FTP client was run on Windows against a
> local FTP server.
It seems you used text-mode transfer. :-) Auto detection of text/binary
usually check first N bytes of a file to see if only ASCII bytes are
present. It's not the case for a FB backup file.

> Anyway I'm not sure of how to suggest this as a feature or enhancement
> to the product for future revisions, but if someone could direct me to
> whether I'm misinterpreting the error condition and where the error
> messages are, or if this seems like a reasonable feature request, I'm
> happy to post it in the appropriate place.
IMHO, there is not much thing to improvement here. GBAK said it can't
recognized a record type 11, that's the record it read from the
corrupted backup.