Subject Re: GBAK on FB 1.5.. How to interpret this error message?
Author vladman992000
> Windows 1.5.5 services manager restore code thinks it's looking at a
backup made on Fb 2 or higher. Are you absolutely certain it's not?

No, the server that I originally had this problem on is a Fedora Core
5 Linux box that has only ever had FB 1.5 installed on it. I have a
duplicate server we use for testing/staging and is also Linux with FB
1.5 on it. I ran a backup of that database, and attempted to restore
on Windows as well. I got the exact same problem.

Having said that, you may be onto something. I do have BOTH FB 1.5.5
and FB 2.1 installed on my Windows development machine where I am
trying to do the restore from. I was specific to use GBAK that was in
the FB 1.5.5 folder, however I'll double check the client libraries
that are being used. I believe they are for 1.5.5, but if it was
attempting to use FBCLIENT.DLL from a 2.1 Firebird installation for
GBAK, would that be a reason I might get that error?