Subject RE: Re[2]: [firebird-support] Real problem with permissions
Author Paul Hope
> > The table is only created by my app using committed isolation. The
> > customer can access the database using Lotus Notes and
> ODBC, could it
> > be possible that this is causing a problem?
> My understanding of Firebird is too limited to create the
> full horror scenario, but looking at all the settings a user
> can make in an ODBC DSN I think that he can probably do a lot
> of damage as well.
It turns out that they only use ODBC on a restored DB copy - so not the

> >> It is by the way fairly easy to create a mapping "windows
> >> user/application user/database user". That way you would not only
> >> have user "PAUL" logged in, and could make use of some wonderful
> >> monitoring/logging functions.
> >>
> > I assume that if I did that the customer system admin could be in
> > control of database access - which I wouldnt want.
> He in any case has that control, if he wishes, unless you
> came up with a pretty tough installation involving encryption
> and other things.
I dont mind if they can access the data - it belongs to them - I just dont
want them to able to run the program against it if I choose to stop them.
> I usually have my application log-in with a restricted "PAUL"
> as well, but the only thing you can do with that log-on is to
> read the encrypted mappings of windows user names to
> application user names to Firebird user names.
> That security is not too high, but I won't need higher around
> here, and it enables me to use monitoring and logging
> functions related to each user/machine.
> The remote admin can always copy the database to another
> server where he is the SYSDBA. Even if you blocked the SYSDBA
> access this will practically give him enough time to decyphre
> everything. But it's always good to keep a remote admin
> believing that he either CANnot do anything, or that it would
> be awfully dangerous if he did :)
> I have the privilege of being the only admin for my
> application and for the database and for the network...
> ciao,
> André
Anyway - login isnt the problem because it works on some objects and
sometimes not others, even though they have the same permissions and the
same logins.