Subject RE: [firebird-support] Real problem with permissions
Author Paul Hope
Hello Milan

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> Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Real problem with permissions
> Paul Hope wrote:
> > A very interesting thing was reported to me today. The
> user connected
> > her laptop to the internal network, started the app OK, tried to
> > connect to a newly created table and got the error. She
> then went to
> > the computer that ran the app to create the table, logged
> into the app and it worked fine. I
> > logged in remotely and got the error. I didn't think it made any
> > difference which client PC made the access or from where so this is
> > very surprising.
> >
> > Any ideas I can follow up would be greatly appreciated
> Sounds to me like the transaction that grants the privilege
> is not committed in the application.
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> Milan Babuskov

The app creates the table while logged in as PAUL. It doesnt explicitly
create an privileges. One transaction creates the table then adds some
indexes then commits. The table always exists so the tx must have

Thanks for the thought