Subject Re: Execute Block statement
Author robertosmith8

I am looking for a way to run certain codes multiple times (like a
function call, without resorting to UDF) within a stored procedure, so
that the same codes will not be repeated within a stored procedure.


--- In, "Sasha Matijasic"
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> > Can I use 'Execute Block Statement" in a stored procedure?
> > If not so, how can we make use of this new feature?
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> From release notes:
> "The SQL language extension EXECUTE BLOCK makes "dynamic PSQL"
available to SELECT specifications.
> It has the effect of allowing a self-contained block of PSQL code to
be executed in dynamic SQL as if it were a stored procedure."
> So, if you are in a stored procedure already, why would you want to
use execute block? What are you trying to do?
> The way that I understand it, you use it from client side to
"simulate" psql code.
> Sasha