Subject Re: [firebird-support] ISC_TIMESTAMP Issue
Author Kurt Federspiel
Thanks, Helen.

I installed my software on a Linux-only system, and have the same issue. FlameRobin displays the correct date/time, but I am (thankfully) exactly one hour off (as opposed to 59 minutes on WinXP).

Do I need to manually set up Ubuntu to use UTC in this case? Is there a Daylight Savings issue that I am missing??

That's the last thing I can think of, so any other help would be greatly appreciated.


A code snippet looks like this:

SQLDA1->sqlvar[7].sqldata = (char *) &iscTimeStamp;
SQLDA1->sqlvar[7].sqltype = SQL_TIMESTAMP;
SQLDA1->sqlvar[7].sqllen = sizeof(ISC_TIMESTAMP);

bRetVal = StartQuery(STAT1, SQLDA1, szStatement, ErrorMsg );
if( bRetVal == true )
if( 0 == isc_dsql_fetch(STAT1, &STMT1, 1, SQLDA1) )
isc_decode_timestamp(&iscTimeStamp, &DateTime_Stamp);

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At 04:35 PM 28/06/2008, you wrote:
>I currently have this system set up to dual-boot. But that doesn't explain why one application (i.e. FlameRobin) gets the time correct, and another (my app) gets it 59 minutes off. I'm just wondering if there is a trick to pulling/converting time.

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Also follow up the links and notes at the bottom. It seems to get harder, not simpler! ;-)


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