Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: firebird.conf for HP Proliant Server
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:41 PM 28/06/2008, you wrote:
>Dear Helen
>I have forward your message to the implementator. Now we have to
>install a Borland Interbase Database driver local. Will this work
>because we have a "VERY old database?

I have a horrible feeling your application uses the Borland Database Engine for database access. Do you know anything about the application language?

If you have the BDE configured for 'local' it will not access a database across a LAN.

>The performance with SQL is now match better.

With the BDE a local connection is faster than a network connection. The BDE has been obsolete since before Firebird 1.0 existed. I have no idea how well the very last-ever InterBase driver (v.5.2) works with Firebird 2.0. It should be more or less functional with Firebird 1.5.4. and your Dialect 1 database.

>We have also move the firebird to a normal PC (with a dual core
>processor). We will test with the HP Server next week.
>I have hear, that in the October or so a new Firebird versin with
>multiprocessor support will come. Is that true?

Partly true. Firebird 2.5 is in development now and is being prepared for Alpha field-testing release. The final release should be out before the end of the year. The Superserver in 2.5 is more friendly towards SMP but it is only part of the way towards full SMP support. It will help most where one Superserver is serving multiple databases but it is expected to improve performance a little for a single database as well.

Full, fine-grained multi-threading is in the plan for Firebird 3, which is scheduled to be in Alpha in the final quarter of the year. You cannot run an Alpha on a production site.

On a 2-processor machine with 100 users you are likely to get more benefit from changing to Classic. But if you are using the BDE over a network, nothing will be fast.

Would you please trim your replies.