Subject Re: [firebird-support] CHARACTER SET ISO8859_1 is not installed - Firebird Embedded
Author Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Gustavo Moda escreveu:
> 2008/6/26 Adriano dos Santos Fernandes <adrianosf@...>:
>> It seems as an incorrect <fb root> determination. You need fbintl.dll
>> and fbintl.conf in <fb root>/intl. You can use environment variable
>> FIREBIRD or put intl directory in same directory as java.exe. In 2.5,
>> embedded <fb root> determination is changed to fbembed.dll directory.
> Thanks Adriano.
> I changed the RootDirectory to the directory of Firebird Embedded in
> firebird.conf, doesn't worked, see below:

Where is this firebird.conf?

> RootDirectory = C:\fb
> Was Copied Firebird embbed to directory of the file java.exe, and worked.
> I need configured the firebird embbed to the directory c:\fb. How do it?
If you put a firebird.conf in java.exe directory, with RootDirectory
pointing to c:\fb, should work. Or use the environment variable.