Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Database corruption (again) or what is wrong with Firebird.
Author Milan Babuskov
Anderson Farias wrote:
>> Even better alternative would be to skip the
>> filesystem completely and use the raw partition (but that has some other
>> drawbacks). I plan to talk in more detail about all this at this year's
>> Firebird Conference.
> I supose the only way to know what those "drawbacks" are is attending to you
> talk at Firebird's conference, right?

Alternatively, you can wait until Conference is over and download the
paper (if it becomes available for free - depends on the organizer). :)

Joke aside, here are some important ones:

- being a filesystem partition, you need to decide on the available
space in advance (this might not be true for LVM though, I need to
research if that works properly when you increase/descrease space)

- it's hard to tell how big is the database currently, at least via
system tools (you can get it via database admin. tools: page size *
number of pages).

- copying database to another location could mean copying a lot of
'zero' bytes from unallocated space. This can be a problem when you want
a copy of corrupted database to play with and you can't backup/restore
it and the size of db partition is larger than free space on other

Well, that's that from the top of my head.

Milan Babuskov