Subject Re: [firebird-support] Upgrade Firebird and Change PC-System
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> Currently we have an old PC-System with Dual P3-Architecture and a firebird
> 1.5-Database-Superserver. I will change the PC-System to a
> Quadcore-Architecture and Firebird 2.1 latest release and classic server.
> The firebird.conf-entry "DefaultDbCachePages" I will change to 128
> (previously # and 2048).

The server-wide setting in firebird.conf will only apply, if the
database specific page buffers value is set to 0!

Before I do the change, I make a backup ob the
> database *.gbk and on my new system, I restore this to a packed new *.gdb.
> Please can you help me, which other things and rules I must observe?

Check out the "Known compatibility issues" section in
Firebird_v2.1.0.InstallationGuide.pdf included in your Firebird 2.1

This document is also available online:

> What new options I have with the new firebird-version?

There are MANY new features in 2.1. ;-)

You'd best checking out the Firebird 2.1 release notes:

Can I see, what
> clients are connected with the server?

Yes, on a per database base, with a monitoring table query like:

select * from mon$attachments

Best Regards,
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