Subject RE: [firebird-support] Application autostart
Author Sasha Matijasic
> Hi,
> For a while I had to run two instances of FB 1.5 on a server, and did
> set up one as a service and one as an application.
> The application as well as the service were set to autostart.
> When I now want to run only the service instance, I still see a
> yellow/black system tray icon when I log on. This to me indicates the
> app is also running. A FB app is however NOT present in the task
> manager application section.
> Read somewhere that there is a problem in 1.5 to get rid of the
> registry key for application autostart.
> Any ideas?

You can't have an icon in system tray, unless there is an process that puts it there, so I would say your app is still running.
Try a different task manager, my suggestion would be sysinternal's Process Explorer and while you're at it, download as well autoruns tool which will help you locate and remove firebird started as application.