Subject Re: [firebird-support] Deleted index renders procedures unusable
Author PenWin
>> I decided to delete some useless indexes from my database. That went
>> fine. Unfortunatelly, now just about every stored procedure fails to
>> execute claiming an error that an index was unexpectedly deleted. Is
>> there a way to fix this issue without dropping and recreating every
>> single procedure? I am using Firebird 1.5.3 oin Superserver mode on
>> Windows XP.
> I am 100% sure you problem only applies to objects which were previously
> loaded by the server into memory.
> So, a shutdown/restart of the database should solve the problem, by
> flushing the cached objects.

Thanks. That will be a lot easier than dropping and recreating
procedures :-)

Just a small clarification if you please: Should I shutdown and restart
the _database_ (as in GFIX -shut) or the _server_ (as in the Services

I assume backup and restore would work too, wouldn't they?


Pepa Kokes