Subject RE: [firebird-support] slow database ref/eDN8022297953
Author dennis
Can somebody tell me the meaning of the follow terms of gstat?

I checkout when the follow counters how they changed during database use and
I couldn't figure out what is happening and what they really mean.

Oldest transaction

Oldest active

Oldest snapshot

Next transaction

I did this test, I worked with ibexpert a database, I get the stat and then
with my application and I compare the differences of these counters. You can
see them on the attached xls. I couldn't discriminate how the counters
should be. Both applications, more or less modified the counters with the
same way. Do they both manage the transactions wrong?

Please provide values for these counters when an application handles correct
the transactions for long time.

Also please explain this gstat's counters:

Oldest transaction 1007

Oldest active 1008

Oldest snapshot 1008

Next transaction 18504685

What really means this extreme difference?

Kind regards


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