Subject Re: gds_$receive failed error using gBak
Author Adam
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<duque.hernando@...> wrote:
> Hi to all,
> I've a big trouble while making a backup with gBak (Firebird 1.5) I
> get gds_$receive failed error. I've trying using gFix but no solution.
> I've searched the group posts looking for working arround tips for
> this but no one of the solutions have worked yet.
> I've drop all indexes, constraints, primary keys and so on but no
> solution.
> I'll appreciate for hints that let me find the object damaged in the
> database structure.

Try gbak with -v parameter. This might give you a pointer to the
object that gbak is trying to backup at the time the failure occurs.
Also, try -g parameter to avoid performing garbage collection as gbak
runs. If there is corruption in a backversion only, this will allow a
backup to be made.