Subject RE: [firebird-support] slow database ref/eDN8022297953
Author dennis
To be precise. I made dataset components where before open they create
transaction component on runtime, they open the transaction and so on. On
close or on destroy they commit or roleback the transaction anyway. There is
no transaction component at design time at all in whole application. I made
this for more automated procedure in order to avoid unhandled transactions.

I will check my code but let me ask you this: suppose that a terminal went
to a form that opens a transaction and waits the user to select something
from the dataset. And this terminal is not used for some days! Does this
opened transaction can produce this gap?

Best regards


--- you wrote ---

Yes, a huuuuuge gap.

That you still have a transaction problem in your application.

You're saying that these "terminals" never close, does that include
your application? If so, does your application start a transaction
as soon as it opens? Or keeps 1 transaction for, for example, reading
all data? Does it ever COMMIT?

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