Subject Re: no permission for direct acces to security database
Author crizoo4712
..the thing is, that we need to have a user that can create other
users via ics_add_user.. this shouldn't be sysdba, because we want to
change the password and hardcode it in the application (encrypted).
what we did under 1.5 was just creating a user via sysdba, connecting
under security.fdb and then posting "grant all on users to <the new
This worked. Since security-db is no longer accessible directly, we
have a problem..
regards, christoph

--- In, Thomas Steinmaurer <ts@...>
> Christoph,
> > Hi, no more registration/access in database workbench or via isql
> > possible under 2.1?
> Since Firebird 2.0, direct/regular db connections to the security
> database aren't allowed anymore.
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