Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird Unavailable Database
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:29 PM 3/06/2008, you wrote:
>This database is used by 2 standalone programs. One program (P1) is used on 5 client PCs the other one (P2) is used on 3 client PCs. As I mentioned before, many concurrent queries, inserts, updates occur simultaneously. This is why we chose SQL.
>A time consuming query is running on a system, started from P1, another user inserts a new record in P2. During this, sometimes (once, twice a week, randomly), the database crashes into the previously described state, causing all the client machines to loose connectivity with the database.
>We started a few years ago with Interbase, then Firebird, v. 1 , 1.55, 2.0, now 2.1.

Is that your answer to Alan's question?
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>From: Alan McDonald <alan@...>
>Tell us exactly (step by step) what you do when you do this cycle.

Didn't see an answer to that.

>And also tell us if this db is new in 2.1 or has been created in an older
>version and upgraded.

The purpose of that question was to try and drag some information from you about your database, e.g., its ODS version, its dialect, etc. etc.

The usual reason for this kind of crashing behaviour (if you eliminated bad UDFs as the source of it) is legacy applications (often written in Delphi) that don't pay attention to long-running transactions, hard commits and garbage collection....the more the users hammer this style of application, the more frequent will be the hangups and crashes.