Subject Re: Windows 2008 Server with FB?
Author jack_engleman
I did not see any answers to your question, I have been asked to move
my software to Windows 2008, but I am hesitant to do so until I have
read of some success stories. Have you been successful in installing
FB 1.5 or FB 2.0??

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Jack Engleman
Formal Easy Software

--- In, "Myles Wakeham" <myles@...>
> Has anyone had any experience in running FB 1.5 or 2.x on Windows Server
> 2008? We received release candidates for this and have been testing
> other software products, and so far its been a nightmare to say the
> Can you say, "Vista as a server operating system"?
> Anyway just curious if others had gone down the same path and had
any war
> stories to share....
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