Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: set transaction
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:24 PM 27/05/2008, you wrote:

>> >i use fb 2.1
>> >
>> >i want to set transaction with fb
>> >this code even doesnt work
>> >
>> >set transaction;
>> >insert into table (myfield) values ('xxx');
>> >commit;
>i tried this code with EMS SQL Manager .and it doesnt give any
>result or any error.and it doesnt say something and it doesnt add
>an record or where i can use this code another? ;-)

You are using a DSQL tool that sets up transactions itself. SET TRANSACTION does not have any effect in that environment. Read the documentation for SET TRANSACTION in the Language Reference (Borland's LangRef.pdf) and you will find that SET TRANSACTION is not used in most language environments.

One environment where it is used is Embedded SQL, the specialised language set that is used for writing C applications for pre-compiling with gpre. This is not a DSQL environment.

Another place where it can be used is in the isql utility, for when you want to start a transaction that has attributes different from the default transaction.

I guess you should also be aware that DSQL tools like EMS manager, isql, etc. process ONE statement. Two or more statements in sequence are a script. You can process scripts in isql (read the docs) and probably EMS manager has a script tool as well.