Subject Re: [firebird-support] File size limit
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:45 PM 23/05/2008, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>Very quick question, coming from using interbase for a long long time, then moving to firebird we are in the habit of splitting up our database files pre- 4gb filesystem limit.
>So for example we would have a 10gb live DB split into fdb, fd2 and fd3 when we create or restore it to make sure that the old ntfs file systems did not overwrite the beginning of a single file database. All of our customers now use a minimum O/S of Advanced server 2000 which I believe the filesystem limit is now 16 EiB, so in theory as my sites all have a databases smaller than 20gb we should be able to make these into single file db's instead of the multi file because the O/S filesystem we are using has surpassed the old 4gb file size limit ?
>Could someone in the 'know' confirm this for me ?

Confirmed - theoretically - as long as the HDD partition is NTFS created by Win2K or greater. It is the filesystem that determines the file size limit, although I believe very old versions of InterBase will "hobble" the file size regardless of the filesystem. Firebird doesn't have this behaviour.

However, if your hard disk came from an old NT4 system and has never been repartitioned, then beware. The NTFS partitions created by NT4 have a 4 GB limit.