Subject Re: [firebird-support] System lock up
Author Lester Caine
Lester Caine wrote:
> I'm posting here rather than the php list since it seems to be a general Linux
> problem. I have a 'clean' Mandriva 2008.0 installation of Linux, with Apache
> 2.2.6, PHP 5.2.4 and Firebird 2 -V6.3.3.12981
> Firebird is currently running classic, but I suspect that I should be running
> super? Access to Firebird is via PHP and Flamerobin and only a couple of other
> machines have Flamerobin access.
> Over time fb_inet_server processes open but do not close so eventually I run
> out of processes. I've increased the number available in inet, but unless I do
> a killall from time to time the machine gets into a state where the database
> is not accessible.
> All the manual checking I do creates and drops processes so what should I be
> doing to find out why some processes are 'sticking' ?

Why do these problems always happen over night :(
I left the system without doing killall and it lasted 4 days.
There is nothing obvious in the logs, but there have been a few errors due to
'hack type' attempts to inject SQL. I'll trap the obvious ones and see how
things go.

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