Subject Re: [firebird-support] Excessive Network Traffic
Author Dmitry Yemanov
Robert wrote:

> I'm using Firebird on Suse Linux 9.0, and the IBPhoenix ODBC
> driver 2.0.0 on Windows clients. I've been using Wireshark to monitor
> network traffic to look for inefficiencies. A particular series of
> transactions generates over 11,000 packets and over 6.5 megabytes of
> data. The same series of transactions using MySQL generates just 725
> packets and 121 kilobytes of network traffic, and goes significantly
> faster. Much of the 6.5Mb of data sent using Firebird turned out to be
> long streams of zeros. Wireshark labels these packets as Protocol "IB"
> (ie Interbase), Info "Reply void". Can anyone tell me please what's
> happening here? How do I stop this behaviour?

Consider testing FB v2.1. The network protocol is optimized there.