Subject Re: Header File Locations (FB 2.1/Ubuntu 8.04)
Author federonline
I'm bumping this because I haven't heard anything back...


> --- In, "federonline" wrote:
> Greets:
> I just started porting some applications from Win32 to Linux (Ubuntu
> 8.04 on single processor 1.4GHz).
> I used aptitude to download/install Firebird from Marius'
> instruction (and source on nice stuff,
> Marius!). Everything appears to be running; I used gbak to restore
> a DB from the WIN32 system, can view and change data via a PHP Web
> interface but I need to finish porting the data loading app.
> Which brings me to...I can't find the ibase.h and iberr.h files are
> located. Should I download the source and move those files to
> /usr/local/include or some similar source for inclusion??
> Thanks!!
> Kurt.