Subject RE: [firebird-support] Varchar Size of Field and Index Performance
Author Sasha Matijasic
> Hi Sasha,
> > but if you are going to use guids you should really consider defining
> a
> > domain as
> > create domain guid char(16) character set octets;
> > because that's what guids are, an array of 16 bytes. More over, Fb
> 2.1
> > introduces
> > new built in function gen_uuid which returns exactly that.
> Any way to use this aproache (_char(16)_) with FB 1.5 since common UDfs
> returns a char(36) or char(22) -- "compressed guid" ??

when I needed gen_uuid function I wrote it myself as UDF for Fb 2.0. I'm pretty sure it can be used for 1.5 as well, but I have never used 1.5 in production so I haven't tested it (there is no real reason that I'm aware of why it should't). Writting an UDF is fairly easy, and you can find some examples around the net if you want to write it yourself.

I can send you delphi source for it if you can compile it (.dll) (or I can send you compiled version if you want), but it's windows only. Contact me off group if you want it.