Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Newbie - Firebird installed but not running
Author Helen Borrie (IBPhoenix Pacific)
At 09:37 AM 18/05/2008, Chris Kenworthy wrote:
>However, I've managed to hit yet another snag. The firebird isql seems
>to be missing - I've tried every variant I could find on the net. At
>first isql brought up the unixodbc version, which I tried renaming to
>uoisql in case that helped. It didn't seem to.

Because on most installations MySQL's isql is already the default
executable of that name, you'll need to start Firebird's isql one of two ways:

a) providing the full path (from root down) before the isql command, or
b) running it directly from Firebird's ../bin/ directory,
preceded by the dot-slash,

>By the way, I thought about the embedded version, but it seemed like a
>lot more effort on a non-windows system. Basically I'm just looking
>for a simple data store more robust than plain text files for a few
>simple programs I'll be writing and running myself.

You can't run SS on Linux as embedded but with Classic you don't have
to do anything at all except provide a local path to the
database. The library will be used automatically under
those conditions. Bear in mind that this isn't a client/server
connection: it's a client and server rolled together, which means
the embedded client is connecting directly to the database *file* in
the user space of the OS user you are logged in as. So you may well
encounter some access problems until you hook your OS user self up as
a member of the Firebird group.