Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Newbie - Firebird installed but not running
Author Anderson Farias

>Alright, things are looking somewhat up - I've switched from classic
>to super managed to connect via gsec - after remembering that the
>initial install routine prompted me for a sysadmin password so
>'masterke' wouldn't work.

The install will create some 'radom' password for SYSDBA and you can have it
(and than change it) using the script created by the install process -- the
scritp name is something like '' (I don't remember
exactly) -- it's on your Firebird install folder

>However, I've managed to hit yet another snag. The firebird isql seems
>to be missing -

It should't be missing! Any *official* firebird install (SS or CS) comes
with isql

>By the way, I thought about the embedded version, but it seemed like a
>lot more effort on a non-windows system.

Is there an especific reason for you to think that? I've never used Embeded
on linux myself but I aways thought you'd only need to have the and a connection string without a servername part; But, again,
you then could have only 1 connection per database (file).

Anderson Farias