Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Possible to write this in a way that indices will be used
Author Sasha Matijasic
> We make use of stored proc to store the logic for our generic "Report
> Writer"
> Another table stores the definitions needed for displaying input
> parameters to the end user.
> Then another table stores definitions for the report's output fields,
> so it automatically
> knows how wide to make the columns, and what display format to use, and
> columns headings, etc
> Make modifications, new fields, and bug fixes very easy to deploy -
> just send a script to modify
> the stored procedure. Also nice 'n easy to debug in IBExpert.

Sounds very complex :) I'm glad you find it nice and easy.
I personally find easier to have report engine that allows me to query the database the way I want it, then have the reporting logic on the server. Well to each his and her own :)