Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird hangs in the server
Author Helen Borrie (IBPhoenix Pacific)
At 06:55 AM 14/05/2008, SP Ooi wrote:
>Looking for some help here.
>We run Firebird on Redhat Linux platform. Our Firebird
>services hangs up every now and then. Each time, we have to kill all
>Firebird related processes and followed by fb_lock_mgr process last.
>Next Firebird process that comes up will come up fine until next hang up.
>Any idea why?

Possibly. The (old) version that you are using could have problems
under load conditions due to a bug in the handling of long-running
read-only transactions. It was fixed at v.1.5.3, AFAIR. Just
replace it with v.1.5.5.