Subject Re: ERROR: unavailable database
Author Adam
--- In, "Sergio H. Gonzalez"
<shg_sistemas@...> wrote:
> Hello! I have a BAT file which performs a backup. The bat file read:
> del log.txt
> gbak baron.gdb baron.bak -user sysdba -password
> baronusaadmin -ignore -Limbo -v -y log.txt
> It used to work fine from long time ago, but now I'm receiving this
> in the LOG.TXT file:
> gbak: ERROR: unavailable database
> gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors

The engine is crashing during the backup process. What is the last
table it backs up in log.txt prior to the error message? Can you run a
select * from this table or do you get the same error?

> I can conect to the database with my app and with any other tool. I
also can
> make the backup manually using an admin tool. The problem is just
with the
> gbak command...

What admin tool are you referring to? It is possible if the corruption
is in a back-version and this tool is using the -g (do not garbage
collect) option.


> The version I'm using is FB 1.5.3
> Thanks!!
> sergio