Subject Re: Is there a way to pass a result set as a parameter?
Author Eduardo A. Salgado
> Hi, you could make it work with "execute statement" which allows
you to execute dynamically created sql in strings.
> If you use 2.1 I would recommend creating a GTT, something like
> create global temporary table ids(id integer not null) on commit
delte rows;
> then you modify your procedure like this:
> CREATE PROCEDURE UpdateByParentID (AValue integer)
> UPDATE SomeTable SET SomeColumn = :AValue
> WHERE ParentID in (select id from ids);
> END;
> With setup like that, you can insert ids into a gtt, and withing
same transaction execute a procedure. After you commit all rows will
be deleted from gtt.
> Check the docs for more info.
> Sasha

Sasha and Martijn,


Your input works great!