Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB 2.1 server hangs
Author Vlad Khorsun
>A few days ago our Windows FB 2.1RC2 test server started not
> responding to connections (which is upsetting our test automation
> system). I realised that I had not updated it, so I uninstalled it
> and installed the 2.1 final. All seemed well, until this morning,
> when the same problem started occurring.
> I noticed that using the FB control panel to stop and start the
> service does not seem to work - the fbserver .exe keeps running and I
> have to kill it manually with process explorer (there is nothing
> critical on this machine - it just hosts a prebuilt set of test data.)
> What could cause FB to become unresponsive like that? Where should I
> start looking? I don't think anything has happened to the underlying
> VM.

Setup drWatson, as described there;PAGES;NAME='ibp_pdb_win32'

and, if it happens next time, kill FB by drwtsn32 -p <pid>. Show crash log in fb-devel.