Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: moving of firebird 1.5.3 classic server
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:29 PM 6/05/2008, you wrote:

>Database file is in directory that firebird group has rwx access to
>and has rw permissions on the files inside that directory. Have also
>as suggested changed ownership of the database files to firebird user.
>Firebird group already exists and root is already a member.
>xinetd is running.

The password database does seem to be the one that the remote connection request is having trouble with, so make sure that the firebird root directory has the required permissions too. The firebird user needs to be able to create and write to firebird.log there as well.

>Is it ok to just copy the security.fdb file across from the original
>server, or should i do a backup and restore of this file?

I would try both...make a backup, make sure it completes, and then (with no attachments) do a cp of both security.fdb and the backup file over to the new machine (where also you have no connections!)

Try to do the remote attach to the copied file; if that doesn't work out, then restore the backup. Keep your eye on permissions.

If you have been doing everything as root then it's possible that your SYSDBA password hasn't been tried yet and is not what you think it is. (It's not 'masterke' unless you already changed it to that.) The generated password (that's good for the initial generated security.fdb) is in a text file in the Firebird root.