Subject Re: What's the difference between "Gbak -g" and "gFix -sweep"
Author svanderclock
Ok, so in conclusion doing everyweek (cause everydays i can't too
long process that slow down the database)

fgix -sweep

and immediatly after
gbak (without -g)

it's a good practice? everyone agree ?

--- In, Philippe Makowski
<makowski@...> wrote:
> Ivan Prenosil [08-05-05 19.00] :
> >> no, in normal use, you don't need to do a sweep if you run gbak
without -g (that will
> >> collect the garbage)
> >>
> >> The only case you will eventualy need to run a sweep is if you
have a lot of rollbacked
> >> transactions
> >
> > Not exactly. Even single rollbacked transaction is enough to get
performance problems
> > (starting of new transactions will get slower and slower).
> >
> > However, rollbacked transactions are usually converted
immediately to commited ones,
> > except some special cases (forced disconnection, too much updates
in one transaction,
> > forbiding undo log in tpb etc.).
> Yes, I should write "a large set of data rollbacked" instead of "a
lot of rollbacked
> transactions"
> or I should write in French to Stephane ;)
> > Sweep (or backup/restore) is also the only cure for limbo
> >
> of course