Subject Re: [firebird-support] Update format
Author emel
>> It works well in MySQL and Access.
>> I also have other similarities with delete.
> "Just because something works in Oracle, MySQL, Access, or what have
> you, it doesn't mean it is going to work in Firebird. It will only
> work in all RDBMSs if they all follow the standard."

But it's an answer for a problem.
If a thing is prevalent at other, it's not a coincidence.

for example:

UPDATE tambe1 T1 SET
T1.Value3 = '....',
T1.value1 = (
SELECT T2.value1
FROM table2 T2
T1.value2 = (
SELECT T2.value2
FROM table2 T2
... and so on
WHERE = 199522


Sorry for my english ;)