Subject Re: [firebird-support] UDF library causes broken pipe on Linux, but works with FB on Windows
Author Matthias Hanft
Michael Möhle wrote:
> UDFs must be copied to the UDFs directory not in the Directory where the
> Database resides.
> On unix it is: /opt/firebird/UDF/ and the firebird process (user) must have
> the rights to execute the UDF!

Be careful about the Linux directories: For example on Gentoo
Linux, since FB 2.0.3, it's not /opt/firebird/UDF any more,
but /usr/lib/firebird/UDF.

And since, I must write
RootDirectory = /usr/lib/firebird
UdfAccess = Restrict UDF
into /etc/firebird/firebird.conf - else FB searches its UDFs
somewhere in /usr/bin/UDF or something like that, I guess.

But "broken pipe" seems to be another error - I got SQL error
-104 (FB error 335544343, "invalid_blr") while FB couldn't
find its UDFs...