Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: SQL Question
Author Philippe Makowski
Michael Vilhelmsen [08-04-28 10.49] :
> --- In, Philippe Makowski
> <makowski@...> wrote:
>> Michael Vilhelmsen [08-04-25 14.49] :
>>> I would like to fetch all rows as shown above.
>>> Only I dont know the exact amount of ros or columns.
>>> At least 1 of each ....
>> If you know one of them you can write something like that :
>> (I suppose you know the different distinct values for X_AKSE)
> No - And I think this is the problem.
> I cannot for sure know how many values there is in either X-Akse og
> Y_Akse.
> At least 1 in both.
One of the two is enough

I you can't define one axis no chance even with MsSQl that have PIVOT
if not, you have to do this on the client side or via a store procedure but not in SQL only