Subject Re: GBak TPB
Author m2data
--- In, Milan Babuskov <milanb@...>
> m2data wrote:
> >> Look at DBak - You can filter
> > any object that you don't want to back up.
> >
> > I known of DBak, but its last update is back in 2005 and has not
> > testet agains FB2.x
> Alternatively you can use FBExport and backup tables one-by-one. It
> exports data though and you'll have a separate backup file for each
> table. But it has been tested to work fine with FB 2.1.

If I do it one-by-one will it still by within the same transaction

If not it will not help me.

Even so - FBExport is great for many things and has at lot of cool

> > 1) Use gbak -M to get metadata in to at file.
> > 2) Export every table to seperate files
> > 3) Export the blobdata from the table containing the images to
> > seperate imagefiles but ONLY if the imagefile dosen't exists
> > allready. Meaning that with 8000 record in the image table I get
> > files.
> Well, looks like FBExport can do what you want for 1. and 2. and
> although it supports blobs, 3. seems to use a custom algorithm, so
> probably wont use it (of course you can invoke it to export a
> blob to a single file, but you would need to create an application
> would check whether image files exists anyway).
> --
> Milan Babuskov