Subject Re: [firebird-support] error entering an integer value
Helen, I don't - it was a unique identifier not used in any SP, view,
table, domain, etc. This was the first time I added these 3 fields for
a new set of SP that I had not created. Anyway, I renamed it to
TruckRpt_Days and it worked so it must be related to what you said,
even though I could find nothing with a search.

Alan J Davies

Quoting Helen Borrie <helebor@...>:

> At 03:44 AM 23/04/2008, Alan.Davies@... wrote:
>> Hi I'm adding a new field to a table and get this error.
>> The field is named truck_days, type integer. field # is 56 but that
>> shouldn't be a problem, I have tables with 80 or more fields working
>> perfectly.
>> System is XP Pro FB 2.0
>> This is a snippet from the ddl of the table.
>> SMTP_HOST CH40_NAME /* CH40_NAME = CHAR(40) default
>> '*****Not Known****' NOT NULL */,
>> );
>> There are lots of other integer fields in the same table that can be
>> updated with no problems, and lots of other table with integer fields
>> too.
>> When I enter a number and try to commit this is what I get.
>> Error Message:
>> ----------------------------------------
>> Incompatible column/host variable data type.
>> Dynamic SQL Error.
>> SQL error code = -303.
>> conversion error from string "2-JAN-1900 1:26:24.0000".
> What it looks like is that you have some expression for calculating
> TRUCK_DAYS that returns a DateTime variable, when you're expecting
> it to return an integer.
> ./heLen