Subject Re: [firebird-support] Running 1.5 and 2.0 concurrently - Any Guides?
Author Lee Jenkins
Lee Jenkins wrote:
> is there a guide around which details setting up 1.5 and 2.x FB servers
> on the
> same machine? I'm sure there's more to it than specifying different
> ports to
> run on.
> I've been using 1.5 for quite a while now and begun reading the release
> note for
> 2.1 (my how they have grown!). Scanning through the release notes, I
> didn't spy
> anything...
> A couple of week ago, I tried running 2.1 as an application (while
> running my
> usual 1.5.x as a service), but couldn't seem to get it to start so I
> figured I
> was doing something incorrect.

Some more information:

I'm running Vista Business 32 bit.

This what I tried this morning:

I have already and installed 2.1, got the warning about 1.5 already
being installed, installed anyway. Changed firebird.conf in 2.1 directory to
run on different port and then tried starting 2.1 as an application.

Looking at system > processes, I see the server start (or at least attempt to
start) but then it shuts itself down.



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