Subject Re: WHERE and IIF
Author Adam
--- In, "Ismael L. Donis GarcĂ­a"
<ismael@...> wrote:
> That same consultation in Access 2003 it works perfect.
> I am trying the change of filter of a consultation according to a
given condition.
> In these moments am emigrating Access 2003 group of applications to
Firebird 2.0.3

Access is not exactly the benchmark for standards compliance. Just
because a query that works in Access does not mean it will return the
same results as a query in most other DBMS. Most people who have had
to migrate a database between DBMS have hit issues like this many
times, something that works on 'DBMS A' does not work on 'DBMS B'.
Normally you can find a common denominator that works on both, but
sometimes you need to write it differently.