Subject Re: [firebird-support] backup restore
Author Lester Caine
dirinler wrote:
> hi there
> i know this than if i wantto change the firebirds version i must
> restore and back it up but how?also when i back and restore my fdb up
> whats must to be the fb must to be old version or new
> version?as an example i was use 1,5 then i should use 2,0 version?
> which one version must to be install when i back my fdb up and restore
> it?and if i restore it the fdbs size will small?and why?
> and can someone tell to me about the steps please.

Backup using the version you are currently running. (FB1.5?). Then install FB2
and restore the database using FB2.

You can *DO* this using gbak and command line stuff, but Flamerobin provides
an easy way to handle backup and restore using a GUI interface.

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