Subject Re: Looking for library to create external tables without FB
Author maximshiryaev
Thank you.

Of course I know that it's a text. But it's not that simple taking
into account data formats (for numbers, dates, strings with
different encodings including UTF). I'm just looking for a bit
simpler way to work with this format. Ideally it should be a Delphi

Don't you know about one?


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> Hello Maxim,
> > I'm looking for a tool to bulk load from DBFs. Probably via
> > table. Simple way of reading DBF and executing INSERT's takes 30
> > for 1mln records. Copy of 1 mln inside FB between two tables
takes 5
> > min for 1 mln records.
> >
> > I'm thinking about some tool to create FB external table from
> You do know that an "external table" in Firebird is a plain text
> right?
> If so, you can just read the DBF table and create plain text from
it in
> a small application, then use Firebird to transfer the data
between the
> external table and an internal table.
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