Subject Re: UDF for checking if an external file exists
Author Kjell Rilbe
Helmut Steinberger wrote:
> So I have to convert the path to UNC but that doesn't work with
> ExpandUNCFileName.
> Example:
> F is a mapped networkdrive to \\server\server_e\
> If I use
> filename := ExpandUNCFileName ('F:\mypath\myfilename')
> I get F:\mypath\myfilename in the variable filename allthough it
> should be \\server\server_e\mypath\myfilename.
> In a testapplication it works correct, but it doesn't in an UDF dll.

Drive mappings are per user in Windows if I'm not mistaken. So, make
sure the user that the service runs under actually HAS that drive
mapping. I'm not even sure drive mappings are applied when it's a
service that logs on without a shell/desktop.

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