Subject Re: UDF for checking if an external file exists
Author Adam
--- In, "Helmut Steinberger" <fs@...>
> Martijn, it is not a privileges problem.
> The account the service runs is an administrator account.

The *default* account a service runs under is SYSTEM. This account has
administrative access to the current system, but a highly doubt remote
systems would authenticate the SYSTEM user (even Microsoft wouldn't be
that silly).

If you go to the services.msc and locate the Firebird service, then go
to the logon tab, you can set it to a different account. Have you
tried setting that to the current logged in user (presuming they have
administrative access and can access the UNC path through explorer).

> If I pass the local drivename (e.g. c:\ in the directory, it works,
> but it doesn't work (e.g. f:\ where f: is a mapped drive or
> \\server\server_c\).
> There must be a difference between using fileexists in a program and
> using it in a dll containing the udf.
> I made a small testapplication where filexists works well with unc
> pathnames. The same pathname doesn't work in the udf dll.

I doubt such a distinction would be made.