Subject Re: [firebird-support] UDF for checking if an external file exists
Author Martijn Tonies

> if I call
> select check_filename ('c:\myfile') from rdb$database
> it works.
> select check_filename ('\\server\server_c\myfile') from rdb$database
> does not work.
> select check_filename ('f:\myfile') from rdb$database
> where f: is mapped to c:\ on server, does not work.
> How could I get fileexist working on a network path?
> As I told above, I need to get data from the external file to return
> it as blob. This is not the problem. This allready works with local
> pathnames, so I only habe to solve the fileexists (and finally the
> loadfromfile) problem with remote pathnames.

Could this be a privileges problem? Does the account that the
Firebird service runs under have access to network folders?

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