Subject Re: [firebird-support] Interferences with MS/SQL server?
Author Stefan Heymann
> i have (at least) three databases running on my system

> mysql v5.something
> mssql v9 something
> firebird v2.03

> (and probably a couple proprietray ones built into programms)

> and i have not had any problems

We all know, there are and will be no problems (I've got 3 Firebirds,
one InterBase, one MySQL and an Oracle on my development machine). But
what can I say to the administrator to also make him sure about that?

Firebird is just a service that listens on port 3050/tcp. What can I
say to an administrator that this will not affect any other
application or service that runs on the same machine? Things like this
could happen in the 16-bit era, but hey, even Microsoft managed to
create applications and services that don't interfere with each other