Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Truncating transaction logs in Firebird in v2.01 - v2.03
Author Alan McDonald
> > So it is confusing to me when I backed up the database after manual
> SWEEPING and with Garbage Collection -- Restored the database
> from backup into new file -- SWEEPED new database again --
> again backed it up with garbage collection -- and eventually
> re-restored again into new database file.
> >
> > After doing that the final size of the new file is dramatically
> reduced. The data and schema has not changed, however....
> That does not make sense. A backup/restore cycle *is* likely
> to result in a smaller file (as the garbage is no longer
> there after the restore). But immediately performing a second
> backup-restore cycle on a database that has just been through
> one should make absolutely no difference.
> Perhaps someone connected during the restore operation
> causing it to not restore properly?
> Adam

Changing the page size will have the effect of sometimes increasing the DB
file size, sometimes decreasing it.
Mostly an increased page size will increase the file size.