Subject Re: How to shutdown Firebird server ?
Author Adam
--- In, "Jocelyn Bernier"
<jbernier@...> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I have an application using Firebird. I start Firebird in application
> mode (-a parameter). When the user close my application I want to
> shutdown the server. I searched but didn't find the way. How can I do
> that ?


Do you presume that your application is the only application on that
server that uses a Firebird backend, because shutting down the engine
will break any other application that needs a connection? Should you
make that presumption? I would recommend no.

It sounds to me that your application is the only application using
that database. This sounds like a good candidate for delivering the
embedded Firebird model. In embedded, the Firebird engine runs within
your application process, so you don't need to worry about starting up
and shutting down a server process.

Look at the quick start guide and the docs in the embedded kit (zip
file) for information.