Subject Re: [firebird-support] Binary blob performance in extremely large databases
Author Steve Wiser
Hi Keith,

How large is extremely large? We have a fdb of about 175 GB storing
TIFF and PDF blobs and it runs fine...


dkeith2 wrote:
> Are there any references available that would detail the tricks /
> traps relating to the storage and retrieval of large quantities of
> blobs in Firebird?
> We have a system that is implemented in both FB and SQL Server. FB
> performance is good or optimizable in all areas except for binary blob
> storage.
> I read that blob data is stored in pages and if the blob is bigger
> than the page it spans multiple pages, which causes the slowness etc.
> We have found that when databases get large in FB performance really
> suffers. In SQL Server you don't notice a difference.
> Are there ways to optimize the performance of blob lookup and
> retrieval in FB? Our blobs are binary TIFFs, so I don't think filters
> would help.
> Thanks for any pointers/suggestions.
> David Keith