Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to use windows trusted authentication
Author Dean Harding
Guido Klapperich wrote:
> Ok, I think now I got it. What confused me, was the fact, that you don't
> need further authentication, when you logged in a windows system.
> Now my next question. Is it possible to use the windows authentication
> for a different user, than the User, that I'm logged in?
> For example I log in on a windows system with the user WinUserA and
> password abc. Is it then possible to connect to a firebird database with
> the windows user WinUserB with password xyz?

I believe you should be able to call LogonUser() to create a token for
WinUserB, then ImpersonateLoggedOnUser to impersonate the user, access
the database and call RevertToSelf.

To be honest, though, that's not really the point of using Windows
authentication. If you're going to do that, you may as well use database